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Set of 7 Airtight Containers

8 Chalkboard Labels + Marker included in Set

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Individual Containers

Various Sizes I BPA free I Food Grade Plastic

Our customers asked for it - so we made it happen! Shop our range of individual containers to supplement your storage needs.

✓ 2x 0.5L Containers - for salt, pepper and other spices

✓ 1.2L Container - for beans, legumes & coffee

✓ 1.9L Container - for spaghetti, pasta and rice

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Food Storage Container Sets

Set of 5 or 7 I BPA free I Food Grade Plastic

There are not many things in life worse than stale food. This is why we took it upon ourselves to make quality food storage containers that will make storing your edibles a hassle-free task. 

✓ Stackable design for optimal pantry organisation

✓ Airtight Lock Technology for sealing in the freshness

✓ Made from BPA Free & Food Grade Toughened Plastic

Biscuits stay fresh

for longer

George Olivier Food Storage Containers
Food Storage Containers

Stackable design for neat&tidy cupboards

The modern kitchen is a happy place. 

It's where those family favourites are born after totally messing up the celebrity chef's recipe but somehow ending up with the best meal you've ever made.

It's that corner of your living room where you absentmindedly stir a pot of chilli while watching the latest episode of your favourite period drama.

It's where your not-so-secret stash of double chocolate chip cookies lives for when you need a quick sugar boost. 

The modern kitchen is the soul of the house. Our products reflect just that. 

George Olivier Product Range
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