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How it all began

We are George and Zee and we are what you would call "foodies". We love cooking together, eating out, trying new culinary experiences and expanding our taste horizons. When you ask us how our vacation somewhere was, you can be 100% certain that the first thing we mention will be our favourite dish. We are that dedicated. 

Naturally, our kitchen is a place where we spend lots of time and so when we finally moved in together, we knew we wanted it to be a place of comfort, happiness, and convenience. We took this move as an opportunity to say goodbye to the pots&pans that took us through our early years out of uni and invest in some quality equipment to nurture our cooking hobby even further. Trouble was, our budget wasn't really that big.

George trying his

hand at some local

specialties on one of our trips

In the process, we tried out many products - some have since become staples in our everyday cooking, others definitely weren't the best, and some...well some were a total waste of money.

This is why we decided to start our own brand of carefully designed, thoroughly researched and Z&G approved quality products without the hefty price tag. So take a look at our Product range and stay tuned for more!


P.S. Keep an eye on our blog too - we'll be sharing some of our favourite brands that we have found along the way. After all it's all about making our kitchen the happiest room in the house, right?

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